Footwork Progressions: Athletes walk through a neuromuscular wake-up, using a number of sport specific footwork progressions. These progressions will serve as our primary dynamic warm-up, but applied repeatedly and over a longer duration have the ability to serve as a stand-alone recovery workout. 


Hip Hinge Progressions - “How to hinge”: The hip hinge is a foundational movement that creates a safe and powerful load position. As a continuation of our neuromuscular and dynamic warm-up, in “How to hinge” athletes will do a step-by-step walk through of how to properly hinge at the hip and how loading in that fundamental position translates to all sports, but particularly wrestling.  


Deadlifting Fundamentals for Athletes: Building on the foundation of the hip hinge, athletes will transition through 3 separate variations of the deadlift; Kettlebell Deadlift, Kettlebell Swings, and Trap/Hex Bar Deadlifts (J Strength Cond Res. 2011 Jul;25). In this segment athletes will learn proper technique for each of these deadlift variations, along with the how and why these specific lifts are going to yield the greatest results with minimal exposure to incident of injury.  

Creating and Applying Explosive Strength - The Power Clean: The Power Clean is perhaps the most effective movement to reinforce the explosive movements we seek to train and apply in sport. (Sutton National Academy of Sports Med. 2013 Oct;21) In this portion athletes will walk through the correct postures, positions, and loads to utilize these lifts in their in-season training regiments.


Iso-lateral and Rotational Strength Development: We will examine several different dynamic exercises specifically directed toward the development of rotational strength. These dynamic movements are designed to encourage and reinforce the recruitment of Type II muscle fibers.


Rehab and Prehab Strategies for Shoulder Health: Wrestling rates at one of the highest rates of injury per exposure at nearly 9.8 injuries per 1000 exposures, with sprains, strains, and contusions to the shoulder being the most common ( Jarret GJ Am J Sports Med. 1998 Sep-Oct;26 ). Through effective prehab and rehab strategies, athletes will learn how they can minimize their injury exposure and maximize recovery.

Q and A – Wrap-Up: Coaches, athletes, and parents will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding any content covered within the workshop.


Applications for the Northwest Athletic Scholarship are being accepted Nov.1 - April 1 for two $1,000 scholarships.




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