The mission of Northwest Speed School, is to bring athletic expertise to native, low income, and rural populations throughout the northwestern United States. Over the past couple of years, we have had the opportunity to live our mission, bringing youth athletes opportunities that they might not otherwise have access to. A common element that we ran into as we worked with these athletes was their lack of access to quality footwear that is affordable for lower income families.


Having the right gear, in my experience, is probably the most common barrier to success. No matter how driven you are, trying to complete an activity without the right tools can make it so difficult that it is discouraging - often to the point that folks just don't continue. As a part of our mission to encourage and enable our youth athletes, and the communities we serve, we realized there is only one solution - Make a high quality shoe ourselves, and provide it at a cost that is scalable to the rural and underserviced communities we are looking to help.


Over the past several months we have been working to develop a shoe that will lasts so long and wears so well, that you are more likely to lose or misplace one, than you are to actually wear it out. I think that we have gotten to that place. The shoe we have designed is a fully goatskin upper that forms to your foot for a custom fit over a high abrasion rubber outsole that is made to take a beating. We've elected for a zero drop, ultra-flexible, shoe to maximize it's utility. Making it an ideal fit for both running and cross-training.


The goal of this program is to lower the barriers of entry for young athletes, ensuring they have the gear that will "get them there". It is also our goal to stimulate the communities we serve and give them an opportunity to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle. I am hopeful, that the many people I have had the opportunity to help on their own fitness journey will take an opportunity to help me make an even bigger impact on others."


To date, the Born To Run has provided shoes for over 500 youth athletes throughout the northwestern united states, with proceeds and donations totaling over $5,000 in youth athletic scholarships.  


Applications for the Northwest Athletic Scholarship are being accepted Nov.1 - April 1 for two $1,000 scholarships.




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