The 40-yard dash is a sprint covering 40 yards (36.58 m). A player's recorded time in the 40 can have a heavy impact on his prospects in college or professional football.


Players are timed in 10, 20, and 40 yard increments to see how quickly they explode off the line and how quickly they reach the top speed.


Participants should be thoroughly warmed up, having completed a 10 - 15 min dynamic warm-up and several practice starts and/or acceleration drills. The test involves running a single maximal effort sprint over 40 yards.


Start from a comfortable stationary 3-point stance position. The front foot must be on or behind the starting line. This starting position should be held for 3 seconds prior to starting, you may lean across the starting line, but no rocking movements are allowed.Timing starts from the first movement.


Accelerating through the first 10 yards, the athlete should reach top speed as soon as possible and continue running hard past the finish line. Timing is stopped when the chest crossed the last timing gate.



Offering an athlete three time trials gives the benefit of having a "Fastest" and "Median" time, with each trial recorded to the nearest hundredth of a second.


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